Architectura Picta International Festival

Roma, 2024

October 11 -13


"He is a good painter,a good perspective draftsman,then he must also be a good architect ”

 Perspectiva Pictorum et Architectorum, Andrea Pozzo,1693.

The Festival is the celebration of Architectura Picta [Quadraturism] the art of illusory  Architecture and Architectural Perspectives. It is taking place in Rome, the world art capital, during three intensive days of direct work experience with professionals of Decorative Painting and scholars of Architectural  Drawing and Perspective. 

The Festival provides a  full immersion into ‘painted architectures’ and  the 'illusory' artistic world of art and architecture, digital media  innovation, and scientific research.  It includes private and exclusive visits to places of incredible beauty.

The Festival offers the opportunity, for the first time, to participate in an unprecedented project to rediscover and learn the secrets of the 'most modern of ancient arts’ and explore techniques to re-construe the illusory space in a contemporary way. 


The Festival constitutes an international network of Universities, Cultural Institutions, Ecclesiastical Bodies to promote access to this heritage, fostering further research and experimentation of the interdisciplinary approach to Architectura Picta. 

The Festival is scheduled to take place annually, promoting the training of young scholars from Universities, artists, architects and designers interested in Classical Architecture and its artistic expressions. 


     Rediscover the art of great Perspective and illusory Decorative Painting, born in ancient Rome, developed during the Renaissance and the Baroque era, thanks to the Italian genius.

      Reaffirm, as in the intentions of Andrea Pozzo, one of the greatest exponents of this art,  the essence of Architectura Picta as a fusion of decorative painting and architecture that interprets the rules of geometry and perspective to ‘deceive the eye’. 

    Discover the secrets of ornate design, in which naturalistic forms are integrated into illusionistic perspectives' empty and full spaces. 

       Demonstrate that ’it takes a human eye to deceive the eye’ and show the intrinsic modernity of Architectura Picta as a virtual art of wonder, fiction and artifice. 

   Explore the reinvention and application in contemporary contexts of the creative power of this ancient art: going beyond physical limits and creating imaginary three-dimensional space's through digital media. 

     Set up a LABORATORY where Architects and Decorators will once again be able to ‘tune the Fake with the Real,' the actual space with the virtual one, forging a synthesis of different forms of artistic expressiveness, pictorial and architectural representation. 




  • traditional techniques of perspective decorative painting.
  • representation of illusory space with digital technologies.


A perspective sketch will be broken down and transferred onto individual canvasses, which will be processed by the participants. The canvasses will form an artistic installation which, depending on your point of view, will appear as a unitary work or a spatial decomposition of individual parts. The installation will be located in the Santa Barbara dei Librari Church, in the centre of Rome.

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE VISITS to study Andrea Pozzo's masterpieces and view his  unpublished drawings.


 Stefania Zappanico (Chair), Journalist, Creator of the project

  Arte & Riuso, Cultural Association, Decorative Painting Atelier

Opera Lucifero Foundation, Rome


 Giuseppe Amoruso (Coordinator), Polytechnic of Milan,


Francesca Fatta, Mediterranean University of Reggio 

 Calabria, President of UID - Unione Italiana Disegno

Stefano Bertocci, University of Florence

Antonio Camassa, National Research Council, Rome

Marco Fasolo, La Sapienza University, Rome

Alberto Sdegno, University of Udine

Giovanna Spadafora, Roma Tre University


INTBAU ITALIA – International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, under the patronage of the founder , The former Prince of Wales

UID - Unione Italiana Disegno

Ministry of Culture

Municipality of Rome

Diocese of Rome
Rectory of Sant'Ignazio
Church of Santa Barbara dei Librari


Church of Sant'Ignazio da Loyola 

 Via del Caravita 8 

Opera Lucifero Foundation 

(former church of S. Maria in Grottapinta) Via di Grotta Pinta 21

 Palazzo della Cancelleria 

 Piazza della Cancelleria 1


     Students from Schools of Architecture, Design and Art Academies

      Architects, Artists, Designers

       Amateurs interested in classical architecture, decorative painting and perspective


For registration and further information contact:

[email protected]